Dear Parent/Carer,



We have now made all teaching appointments - as indicated below:


Class N                  Nursery

Morning  9.00-11.30           Mrs Lesley ap Dewi

Afternoon 12.30-3.00         Mrs Vicky Briffa-Whitham


Class JG/LJ           Reception                              Mrs J Griffiths (3 days)/Mrs Linda Jones (2 days)

Class KW              Reception                              Mrs Watkin


Class HP                Year One                               Mrs Pugh (Foundation Phase Manager)

Class JR                 Year One                               Mrs Richardson


Class LL                Year Two                              Miss Lewis

Class LR                Year Two                              Mrs Relf


Class ED                Year Three                            Mrs Emma Davies

Class HB               Year Three                            Miss Batley


Class LM               Year Four                              Ms Mullen

Class SM               Year Four                            Mr Moore (Deputy Headteacher)


Class HBr              Year Five                               Miss Braisdell

Class AD               Year Five                               Miss Amy Davies


Class NJ                 Year Six                                 Mrs Nia Jones

Class FB                Year Six                                 Miss Bennett


Class RP                Resourced Provision           Mrs Weeks (Well-Being Manager)


Mrs Ann Jones and Mrs Walker will provide release time for teachers in KS2

Mrs Hanmer will provide release time in the Foundation Phase for teacher planning and preparation.

Mrs Nicola Jones will provide release time in Key Stage Two for teacher planning and preparation.


Mrs Nunley will be organising/providing 3 days additional pupil support – where identified

Mrs Sian Jones will provide additional pupil support for 2 days


Miss Rebecca Griffiths will be covering Mrs Lesley ap Dewi for the Autumn Term - until she’s released from her current school.

Mrs Jackie Vine will be covering Mrs Weeks until she returns from illness.


Could I take this opportunity of extending a warm welcome to our new staff members.

I’m sure that they’ll be a great asset to St Giles and provide the best possible education for our pupils.






Fraser Darlington

Summer Fair

Thank you for all your support. The day was very successful and pupils really enjoyed it.

We raised £ 661.85 part of which paid for the events on Friday and the remainder will be used towards behaviour rewards and treats for the pupils.

The Charity stalls were also very successful

£ 49.25 was raised for Cancer Research and Hope House

£ 67 was raised for the R.S.P.C.A.

We will contact these charities for them to collect the donations before the end of term.

Our non-uniform day for the Wales v England football match raised £309.


Estyn Inspection

The report is published today, July 13th. This will be added to the school website. It will also be published on the Estyn website. A summary of the main findings is attached. Anyone requiring a hard copy of the report, please speak to Mrs Robinson or Mrs Browning, school secretaries.



19th July Y6 Leavers Service-9.30 and 1.45

July 19th—Y6 Leavers Party

20th July-School Closes


Early Years Sports Day


We hope to hold this event the on Thursday July 14th weather permitting.

Please can parents ensure that their child has the appropriate clothing and footwear .


Dinner Money

Please can you ensure all outstanding dinner money is paid before the end of term.



High 10’s for Wrexham’s Playday 2016

Wrexham will be celebrating the 10th National Playday event held in Wrexham town centre, on Wednesday 3rd August from 12pm to 4pm on Queen’s Square and Llwyn Isaf (the Guildhall field). As it’s the 10th one we are asking for people to join in with our  “High 10’s” campaign.You may have been aware of our campaign 31 which many of you supported 2 years ago. We hope High 10 will be as successful.  High 10’s (a two handed high 5) can be carried out anywhere and with anyone who values play, so please get involved and send us your creative, cute, cuddly, exciting, adventurous or unusual high 10’s for us to display on our website and at Playday. Please send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post to Coedpoeth Youth Club, Tabor Hill, Coedpoeth, LL11 3RU.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support this year. I have really enjoyed  working with you all in my role as Acting Headteacher at St Giles.




Estyn Inspection:

St Giles was inspected in May 2016.

The report will be published on the Estyn website today but you will find a very brief summary of the findings below:


Current Performance: Strengths outweigh areas for improvement

·         Many pupils with additional learning needs, including those in the resource provision and those who receive support for English as an additional language, make good progress from their differing starting points

·         Throughout the school, most pupils listen well and many pupils speak confidently

·         Many pupils read appropriately in line with their age and ability

·         Many pupils write for a range of purposes using different genres effectively

·         Many pupils make good progress in mathematics

·         By the end of key stage 2, standards in Welsh are good

·         Most pupils enjoy school and take great pride in their roles and responsibilities

·         Nearly all pupils are courteous, kind and well mannered

·         The school provides a broad range of stimulating learning experiences

·         Most teachers ask purposeful questions to consolidate and extend pupils' understanding


Prospects for improvement: Many strengths and no important areas requiring significant improvement

·         The leadership team have a strong vision for the school and share this well with pupils, staff, governors and parents

·         There is a collaborative, whole school approach to raising standards and all staff have clearly defined roles and responsibilities

·         The leadership team challenge staff suitably to bring about improvements

·         Leaders implement the literacy and numeracy framework well

·         Governors are very supportive of the school and are beginning to develop their role in challenging performance appropriately

·         There is a regular cycle of reviewing and monitoring and priorities in the school development plan link closely to findings from these

·         The school takes good account of the views of a wide range of stakeholders to bring about change

·         The school has strong links with parents and informs them well about the life of the school and the progress of their children

·         The school plays an active part in its local cluster of schools to bring about improvements

·         All staff participate in regular training that links appropriately to school priorities, and their specific roles and responsibilities

·         The school makes good use of the Pupil Deprivation Grant to support vulnerable pupils


Areas we need to further develop/work on:

·         Improve the attainment of pupils at the higher than expected levels

·         Improve attendance

·         Provide more opportunities for pupils to develop their independent learning skills

·         Improve the level of challenge for more able pupils

·         Develop the role of governors in providing more effective challenge regarding pupil outcomes

We are currently working on four of the above recommendations, having already been identified as areas for improvement. We will now update our School Development Plan to incorporate all five areas.

The report acknowledges the wide-ranging context of St Giles:


‘On entry, pupils' skills, knowledge, and understanding vary considerably and around half of the pupils enter the school with a limited experience of the English language. Many pupils with additional learning needs, including those in the resource provision and those who receive support for English as an additional language, make good progress from their differing starting points’.


It also highlights strengths in teaching:


‘In most classes, teachers engage and motivate pupils successfully. Many teachers use their curriculum knowledge well to provide an interesting range of learning experiences. The strong partnership between teachers and support staff ensures that there are clear routines and a calm learning environment for pupils. Nearly all teachers set clear learning objectives for their lessons and share these with pupils appropriately’.


With regard to partnership:


‘The school works with a wide range of partners to improve outcomes and provision for pupils. It has strong links with parents and informs them well about the life of the school and the progress of their children’.

Finally, the report acknowledges our diversity and inclusiveness:

‘The school is a very inclusive and welcoming place which promotes its Christian values such as compassion, thankfulness, and equality very successfully. There is a clear emphasis on recognising, respecting and celebrating the diversity within its own and wider multicultural community. The school treats pupils and staff equally, fairly and with tolerance and respect’.


The report provides an up-to-date evaluation of St Giles and has provided us with a future focus. We will continue to develop and improve our systems to ensure that we offer the best possible education for our pupils. The fact that we matched four of Estyn’s recommendation illustrates that we have effective self-evaluation processes in place and are secure in our judgements:

‘The school has effective methods for self-evaluation. There is a regular cycle of reviewing and monitoring, and priorities in the school development plan link closely to findings from these’.


I look forward to working with pupils, parents, staff, and governors next year, in providing the best possible learning environment.

Fraser Darlington



Summer Fun Day tomorrow - Friday July 8th

We are asking for a £1 contribution for non-uniform day.

Ice cream will be on sale during the day for 50p.

Year 5 and 6 children are raising money for the RSPCA, Hope House and Cancer Research. There will be an American Candy Store, cakes, popcorn, Name the Teddy, a Touchbox, Guess the number of Sweets in the Jar, and loom bands. They will have their stalls set up by the Junior entrance 2.30pm - 3.45pm.

Many thanks for your support with this.

Reminder: Friday 24th June is a training day so a day off for the children!

School letters often get lost before they get home!

Find them here.

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